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Trine 2 - Special Edition Soundtrack (Includes the Orchestral Bonus tracks!)

7.95 EUR
Trine 2 will go even deeper into the high-fantasy world, succeeding the high popular original Trine game. The three heroes are once again pulled into epic adventure battle against dark forces of the world.

  1.  Trine 2 Main Theme
  2. The Story Begins
  3. The Mighty Warrior Pontius
  4. The Mighty Warrior Pontius Part II
  5. Thieves Guild
  6. Mudwater Dale
  7. Waltz of the Temple Forest Elves
  8. Goblins!
  9. Mosslight Marsh
  10. Snake, Oh It’s a Snake!
  11. Petrified Tree
  12. Goblins! Part II
  13. Shadowed Halls
  14. The Lost Court of Mushroom Caves
  15. Hushing Grove
  16. For the Kingdom!
  17. Searock Castle
  18. Eldritch Passages
  19. Icewarden Keep
  20. The Giant Dragon
  21. Main Theme Storybook Version
  22. Bonus track: Main Theme (Orchestral Version)
  23. Bonus track: The Giant Dragon (Orchestral Version)

Total length:
1 hour 2 minutes 9 seconds

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